Updating Gpredict from more than one source without destroying it’s config

I wanted to track satellites from more than one TLE source using Gpredict, so I used UpdateTLE for that. The script works, but if Gpredict is running while you run the script, you will destroy your configuration and have to setup Gpredict again.

For that reason I made a script that first checks if gpredict is running. Then it checks if one of the update scripts is running. If none of the scripts runs, it will continue and update TLE and also TRSP data (freuquencies of the satellites). If you do that Gpredict won’t know that the data is up-to-date, so it warns you. For that reason my script also changes the UNIX time value in gpredict.cfg (located at ~/.config/Gpredict/) to the current UNIX time.

The script informs you via notify-send with notification bubbles about what it does.

That makes updating TLE and TRSP in Gpredict a lot easier.

Download: start-tle-and-trsp-update.sh


Thanks to DH5GH for helping me a lot with it.


I will post updates here if something changes.

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